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Black History Resources From Yahoo


  1. examines nearly 400 years of African-American history through five distinct time periods, from the struggles of slavery through the successes of the Civil Rights Movement. - More from this site

  2. features articles on the history of blacks in America, including slavery, the civil rights movement, and artistic movements. - More from this site

  3. biographical background and resources on prominent African-American figures. - More from this site

  4. searchable database of African American history. - More from this site

  5. includes articles about the history and culture of Black Americans, plus interactive features for members. - More from this site

  6. includes history and timelines, biographies, quizzes, and more. - More from this site

  7. database searchable by date, word, or category. - More from this site

  8. provides information about people of African origin from around the world. Includes news, arts, interviews, events, and games. - More from this site

  9. exhibition that traces black history from the colonization of North America to abolition to the post-World War II migration. From the Library of Congress. - More from this site

  10. covering such topics as Black History Month, slavery, leaders, poetry, and general resources. - More from this site


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